Thursday 14th July 2011

by jack

As I stare at my computer screen and envision the overwhelming back-end coding, I am terrified that Facebook will take over my brain for the next few days. These are the thoughts that crossed my mind whenever I first embarked on learning how to optimize Facebook pages.

First, I started out with some research. I thought to myself, it’s Facebook, how hard could it be to find information about how to make fan pages better. This is where I began to become both overwhelmed and excited, there are so many great things that can be added to a page to make it better. To name a few, Twitter integration, YouTube integration, polling, welcome pages, advertising, and the list goes on and on. I thought where do I even begin?

After the suggestion of Richard Brasser, The Targeted Group, a couple of weeks ago, I looked at Jeffrey Gitomer’sFacebook page. He does an excellent job at incorporating all of his social media together and making his own brand. After browsing through his Facebook page, I realized that he was using a certain company’s apps, Involver. This led me to check out Involver’s Facebook page and all of their applications. They do a wonderful job at making their apps easily accessible and easy to use.

Once I dove into the whole process, I really learned a lot! I was customizing pages left and right. It was amazing to me how simple it was, once I did some research.

Through looking at Jeffrey Gitomer’s Facebook page as well as his other social media, I realized the true meaning of creating a brand identity for yourself. Fans will recognize you by the face and image you put in front of them. Social media allows us to create that image easily and further define our brand.

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