Thursday 31st March 2011

by jenna

I had a wonderful weekend in Miami! I really love the MX-5s. The weekend started out on Thursday with a promoter test day. I had 3 sessions of testing, all 50 minutes long. I progressively got used to the car and my times improved. On Friday, I had 2 practice sessions and a qualifying session. My times continuously improved and by the end of qualifying, I ended up 8th.

Friday night Mom, Dad, and I drove down to Key Largo and ate at MM 88. This place was amazing! The atmosphere was wonderful!

Saturday was race day and I ended up finishing where I qualified after an early-race spin. The beginning of the race was a wild one! I was running by myself for the majority of the race; however, I got to work more on my shifting.

Road course racing is definitely strenuous on your body. My shoulders are sore from all of the shifting. By the end of the weekend, my shifting had improved greatly! I am working on running the full Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup season with enough sponsorship. Check back for weekly updates on my racing and videos!

Special thanks to Mazda, MAZDASPEED, Skip Barber, SCCA, Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup, and Homestead Miami Speedway!

Jenna Wagner waiting for the race at Homestead Miami Speedway

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